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The specific application areas of Electric Screw Forging Presses

The specific application areas of Electric Screw Forging Presses

1. According to the forging method: warm forging, hot forging, cold forging of thin forgings, powder metallurgy forging, straightening processing, combined casting, and forging.
2. According to forging material: all steel including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper, etc.

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Examples of products forged by Screw Forging Presses:


Aerospace Parts: Turbine Blades, Special Bolts

Auto parts: engine valves, differential gears, bevel gears, synchro gears, half shafts, pistons, connecting rods, seat belt joints, air conditioning parts, shaft gears, unequal pitch racks, rocker arms, shifting levers, claws Machines, and other almost all automotive forgings

Motorcycle and bicycle forgings: half cranks, pistons, connecting rods, etc.

Lifting machinery: hooks, wheels

Air compressor spare parts: valve body, various joints

Gas appliances: propane valve, torch head, various joints

Tap water, petrochemical: pipe fittings, ball valves, gate valves, various joints, flanges, bathtub appliances, flange nuts, tap heads, etc.

Home Construction Appliances: Handle Hardware

Watches, sewing machine forgings: boxes, inner covers, wrist straps, sewing machine connecting rods

Electrical equipment: air conditioning valve, magnesium parts, various terminals

Joints: large diameter hot bolts, T-bolts, iron tower hardware, dog nails, railway hardware

Leisure: golf club heads, irons, fishing rod spools

Kitchen: aluminum pot, spoon, knife, fork, kitchen knife

Decorations, crafts: tie clips, buttons, jewelry, buckles, badges, medals, name cards, play

Ornaments, temple Buddha accessories, keychains, handicrafts, belt buckles, gold cups

Knives: scissors, medical equipment, cutting knives, lawn mowers, nail clippers, bottle openers

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