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Electric screw press manufacturers in Iran

The J58K series electric screw press can adjust the striking energy according to the molding needs, reduce the mechanical stress and thermal stress of the mold, and prolong the life of the mold. Because of its low slider speed, it has unique advantages in forging of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper.

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Product features and advantages
1. Various body types:
Integral casting body, integral welding body, pre-stressed split body, the welding body can be “tailored” for users to meet different space requirements and automation needs;
2. Better rigidity:
The fuselage structure has been verified by finite element analysis, the strength of key parts is reliable, and the structure is compact and reasonable.
3. X-type guide rail and long slider structure:
4. Equipment is more secure:
Flywheel mechanical overload protection, overload friction and slip, safe and reliable;
5. The energy utilization rate is higher, and the energy saving is more than 40%;
6. Unique advantages:
Low vibration, low noise, more environmentally friendly and easier to automate.

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