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Anyang Forging Electric Screw Press (J58K)

Electric screw press is widely used for forging parts in the field of machine, automobile, hardware, coal machinery and aerospace, it can be used for die forging, precision forging, trimming, calibration processes, it is one kind of popular forging equipment.

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Anyang Forging J58K series electric screw press adopts the positioning form of long slider and long guide rail to achieve high precision and strong anti-overload and unbalanced load capacity.
Advantages of electric screw press:
1. Accurate pressure energy setting, high precision and small tolerance, especially suitable for precision forging.
2. Since the mold is not subjected to extra pressure, the working life of the mold is longer than that of the friction press.
3. Reduced power consumption due to flywheel energy recovery device.
4. Simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance,
5. Easily realize automated forging production together with robots.
6. Variable frequency drive technology to avoid affecting the operation of the power grid and other equipment.
7. The stroke is adjusted quickly and the position is correct.

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