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J58K series electric screw press

The electric screw press adopts gear transmission mode. The characteristics of this transmission mode are: special motor, high speed and low torque, different tonnage presses are equipped with special motors of different powers, easy to replace motor faults, simple maintenance, and good motor performance. Guide bush wear is not affected. After years of continuous improvement and innovation, the efficiency of electric screw presses has been greatly improved

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Advantages of J58K series servo direct drive electric screw press:

Zero transmission, the motor directly drives the flywheel, more efficient and energy-saving
No noise, except for the sound of mold clamping, the working environment and conditions of workers are better
Maintenance-free, no wearing parts, simpler structure, more convenient maintenance
Adopt servo permanent magnet synchronous motor, fully closed-loop control, better equipment process flexibility
More precise strike energy control and longer die life
Reserve automation and information interfaces, with strong scalability

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