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Anyang Forging J58K Series Electric Screw Press

J58K Series Electric Screw Press/suitable for all kinds of precision forging, sizing, precision pressing, calibration and leveling, etc processes. The hitting energy can be accurately set, the stroke is short, and the energy is stable.

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The electric screw press is a device that uses the energy stored in the flywheel to transmit through the screw slider to impact the refractory material in the mold to form it. The pressing and forming of material products is an ideal equipment for pressing refractory bricks in the refractory industry. This machine can also be used for multi-die forging. It adopts closed immersion or lubrication, which greatly prolongs the service life of the screw and nut. The power system switched reluctance motor strike energy can be Precise control, good product forming consistency, and high striking force are similar to the processing technology.

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