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Die forging press electric screw press forging production in China

Electric screw press is a forging equipment tailored for the forging industry of forging steel, non-ferrous metal forging, and titanium alloy forging according to the characteristics of the forging industry.

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Anyang Forging Press has launched a new series of “fist products” – a new generation of intelligent electric screw presses. The specific advantages are as follows:
(1) Intelligent module
Equipment information such as motor temperature, slider position, slider speed, and actual strike energy can be collected online, and the operation of the equipment can be monitored and recorded.
(2) Control system
The imported ABB inverter controlled AC asynchronous motor is more suitable for precision control conditions, with low motor power density, high energy utilization rate, and high energy control accuracy.
(3) Detection and control system
The linear guide is used to detect the position and speed of the slider at any time, which can realize closed-loop control.
(4) Overall body + pull bar
The series of electric screw presses developed by Anyang Forging and Pressing Co., Ltd. have all optimized the design of the fuselage.
(5) Transmission mechanism
The electric screw press developed by Anyang Forging Company is a direct-drive screw press. Since the gear transmission system is omitted, this model has higher efficiency and better strike energy accuracy.

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