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AFP Anyang J58K Electric Screw Press

The screw press is a machine that can convert the rotational energy of the flywheel into the up and down motion of the mold to do work. The origin of its earliest structure comes from the ancient printing press. Because the rotational energy can bring great energy, but the rotational energy of the flywheel must pass the screw device (screw nut) to transmit the force to the mold, which is affected by the action force and the reaction force, making the fuselage, screw, nut, etc. Force-sensitive parts are also affected by the closing force, so screw presses are especially suitable for high-energy forming machines, but the force is limited.

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The electric screw press adopts the motor to directly drive the flywheel, and the main structure is simpler than that of the friction press. Due to the great progress in power electronics technology in recent years, the electric screw press has been greatly developed and widely used at home and abroad.
These products are divided into two categories:
One is the direct drive form of the motor in which the rotor of the motor and the screw are connected. The characteristic of this scheme is that there are few transmission links, but a special motor for low speed and high torque must be designed. After the screw guide sleeve is worn, it will affect the air gap of the motor. Affected by vibration, it is prone to failure and maintenance difficulties. Therefore, foreign countries mainly focus on small and medium-sized specifications. In recent years, domestic research and promotion of this technology has also been carried out, mainly in small specifications, and most forging users are in a wait-and-see state.
The second type is the mechanical transmission form of the motor in which the motor drives the flywheel screw through gears or belts. Since the motors used in such products are generally of high-speed and low-torque type, it is necessary to reduce the speed through the reduction gear to increase the torque.

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