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C92KT CNC die forging hammer

The economic effect of changing the old steam-air die forging hammer to a hydraulic power head is obvious. The steam-air die forging hammer is transformed with a power head. We call it C92KT CNC full-hydraulic die forging hammer. Because the body and anvil can be reused , it is much cheaper than buying a new fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

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CNC full-hydraulic die forging hammer, also known as CNC electro-hydraulic hammer, program-controlled hammer or CNC hammer, can realize arbitrary adjustment of striking energy, prolong the working life of mold and hammer rod, and reduce vibration by more than 80%. It has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, hardware tools, construction machinery, surgical instruments, stainless steel tableware, slings, coal mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, railways and aerospace industries.


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