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Digital Control Equipment Die Forging CNC Hammer Price For Sale In Russia

CNC hammer is a die forging equipment with high forging precision and digital control of striking energy. It is a new type of ideal equipment that can replace imports.

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Features of CNC hammer produced by Anyang forging press:
The intelligent numerical control system can realize the arbitrary adjustment of the striking energy, not only does not waste energy, but also can control the oil temperature rise, and also improve the life of key components such as hammer rod, hammer head and mold.
The inherent technical content of the product is high, and the overall system is controlled by a digital system.
The “X” type structural guide rail is adopted, which can ensure that the mold has no dislocation phenomenon, and the forging flash is small and uniform, which can improve the utilization rate of materials and the accuracy of forgings.
The product is an environmentally friendly product. Under the condition of ensuring the striking energy, the powerful vibration is absorbed by the vibration damping device, and has no impact on the surrounding buildings and people.



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