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price for the CNC hydraulic closed die forging hammer in china

The CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer is developed to meet the needs of the precision development of forgings. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional forging equipment, the striking energy can be programmed to control, the precision of forgings is high, and it can form an automatic production line. It is these advantages that CNC It is inevitable for the full hydraulic die forging hammer to replace the traditional forging equipment.

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With the development of CNC hammers, An Forging has carried out new innovations, which have the following advantages:
1. The special striking valve system design ensures the high precision of striking energy of the CNC hammer.
2. The strike control system adopts a precise control system, which makes the strike energy control precision extremely high. The strike valve control system is separated from the main system, and the unique control system makes the strike energy more precise.
3. The control valve adopts a standardized design, and at the same time reduces the control link of the blow valve to a low point.
4. The unique main valve (slide valve structure) ensures the reliability and stability of the system.
5. The function of slow rise and fall of the hammer head is very convenient to operate, and it is safer to replace the mold, which is convenient, fast and easy to control.
6. The hammer head buffer adopts an external connection structure, which overcomes the problem of unreliability of the inner welded structure.



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