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Anyang Forging C92K Series CNC Hammer

C92K series CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer, also known as program-controlled hammer, is a forging equipment whose striking energy and striking process can be digitally controlled. The striking energy deviation is within ±3%. It is the core equipment of automated precision forging production lines.

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CNC program-controlled full hydraulic die forging hammer overcomes the shortcomings of traditional forging equipment, with high overall forging precision and high surface finish of forgings. The striking energy is digitally controlled, and the forging process can be superimposed. It has: wide application, high die life, fast striking frequency, high production efficiency, good body rigidity, and strong anti-eccentric load capacity. It is suitable for multi-cavity forging, especially forging thin-walled forgings, special-shaped parts that are not easy to fill the mold cavity, thin-rib forgings and forgings with strict height tolerance requirements. With the development of the times, CNC equipment will replace traditional equipment and become the mainstream of the times.

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