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Hot die forging screw forging press price for sale in australia

Electric screw press is a kind of forging equipment used for hot forging, precision forging and finishing. It has the characteristics of accurate control energy, high forming precision of forgings, and high number of strokes.

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Hot die forging presses are used for die forging and finishing of large quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in automobiles, ships, mining machinery, petroleum machinery and other manufacturing industries. They are indispensable high-precision forging equipment for modern forging production.
Features of hot die forging press:
1. The forged forgings have high precision, high material utilization rate, high productivity and easy automation.
2. Low operating technical requirements for workers, low noise and vibration.
3. The blowing speed is fast, the mold thermal contact time is short, and the mold service life is long.
4. High anti-tilt rate, high precision of guide rails, and good quality of forgings.
5. Adopt PLC control and multiple safety operation loop systems to ensure operator safety.



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