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Open Die Forging Press And Forging Manipulator in China

Open Die Forging Press And Forging Manipulator in China

The video shows a 3150-ton Open Die Forging Press and an 8-ton Forging Manipulator, both manufactured by Anyang Forging Press Company.

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Features of Y13 Open Die Forging Press:

Human-Computer Interface touch screen PLC control system.
The equipment is more stable due to its multilevel pressure discharging system.
Forging depth can be easily increased.
The forging line can be built with a manipulator.
Structure with three cross beams and four columns, high rigidity.
Overload protection system with multiple stages.
Cooling system with reliable electrical power.
We can supply mobile and rotary worktables.
The use of long-distance control in the operating room reduces labor intensity and improves the working environment.
Forging dies can be changed easily, thereby increasing production efficiency.


Forging Manipulator Introduction:

Forging manipulators of the frame type include translational movement manipulators and rotating movement manipulators. In a translational movement manipulator, the manipulator travels, the clamping rod goes up and down, the clamping device incline, the clamping head rotates, and the tong is opened and closed.
Manipulators with frame rotation movements can travel, move front and rear clamping rods, tilt clamping devices, rotate clamping heads, open and close tongs, and rotate frames.



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