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Forged Mobile Charging Manipulator Manufacturer in India

The mobile manipulator is mainly used for the loading and loading of workpieces, and also for the transportation of workpieces. The mobile loading manipulator can load workpieces from the ground, load them into the furnace, and after heating, load the workpieces from the furnace to the main forging equipment such as forging hammers, forging presses or ring rolling machines.

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Features of forging charger: Efficient forging process and high performance. Operational costs will be reduced significantly. Rapid movements with highest precision will be achieved. The quality of the forgings as well as the capacity of the production line can be significantly increased.The manipulator can achieve functions like picking up an ingot from the ground and transporting it into the furnace or to the forging hammer, press, or a ring-mill. Also forging operations like loading/unloading the forging rack, the anvil or picking up the forging ends can all be fulfilled.

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