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Large forging machine frame manipulator in India

The frame manipulator is divided into two structural forms: the frame type linear manipulator and the frame type rotary manipulator. It is mainly used for clamping shaft forgings and blanks with free forging hammer or free forging press, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and forging quality, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and realize the mechanization of forging production.

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The action of the frame-type rotary motion manipulator includes the manipulator walking, the front and rear lifting of the clamping rod, the inclination of the clamping device, the rotation of the chuck, the opening and closing of the clamp, and the rotation of the frame.

Model: T31DHZ-2
Nominal deadweight KN: 20
Grip torque KN·M : 48
Clamping diameter range mm: 100-600
Minimum height of clamp bar mm: 750
Maximum height of clamp bar mm: 1500
Body walking speed m/min: 25

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