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Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press (Y13)

Ordinary free forging hydraulic press is suitable for free forging of metal materials and forging of fetal membrane. It has functions such as quick forging, constant forging and pressure holding, and meets the forging process requirements of upsetting, drawing, punching, reaming, bending and offset shifting.The professional hydraulic press for ring rolling and blank making has automatic blank centering device and swing arm punch device, which can quickly complete upsetting and punching of materials. It is mainly used in conjunction with CNC radial and axial ring rolling machines.

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An forging hydraulic press control system electrical appliances use man-machine interface input display, PLC control, and has multi-functional and multi-directional real-time monitoring functions. It can realize the +1 linkage of the press and the operating machine. With manual adjustment, manual operation and semi-automatic operation selection buttons, it can realize the actions required by the press such as empty stroke, working stroke, return stroke, ejection, etc. The operation is convenient and safe, and the production efficiency is high. The operation is simple, lightweight and low labor intensity. By manipulating the rocker switch, the actions required for descending, ascending, forging, pressure keeping, ejecting and other forging processes can be easily realized.

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