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Hydraulic Free Forging Press Equipment Export Price in China

Hydraulic free forging press is mainly used for metal free forging, but also for load-bearing die forging. It has the functions of rapid forging, normal forging, pressure holding, etc., and meets various forging technical requirements such as upsetting, drawing, perforation, saddle forging, bending, etc. , partial forging, etc.

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Features of the forging press juyouyicxia produced by Anyang Forging Press:
Intelligent PLC control system, man-machine interface touch screen.
The multi-stage pressure discharge system increases the stability of the equipment.
Easy access to high forging depths.
It can be used with a manipulator to build a forging line.
Three beams and four columns, high rigidity structure.
Multi-level overload protection system.
Reliable electrical cooling system.
Mobile and rotating tables are available.
The remote control of the operating room reduces labor intensity and improves the working environment.
Convenient upper forging die replacement device improves production efficiency.



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