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hydraulic forging press for the blacksmith equipment for sale

A forging press (sometimes simply called a press) is a machine that uses a vertical plunger to gradually apply greater force to a die. Forging presses do not repeatedly strike exposed parts like a power forging hammer—forging presses slowly shape a piece of metal and create uniform plastic deformation across the material.

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Features of forging press:

  • Intellectualized PLC control system, with Human-Computer Interface touch screen.
  • Multilevel pressure discharging system increases the equipment’s stability.
  • Easily got high forging depth.
  • Can match with manipulator to build forging line.
  • Three cross beams and four columns, high rigidity structure.
  • Multistage overloading protection system.
  • Reliable electrical cooling system.
  • Can supply mobile and rotary worktable.
  • Long-distance control in the operating room decreases labor intensity and improves the working environment.
  • The convenient changing device of upper forging dies, increases the production efficiency.If you are interested in it, please contact me.Luking


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