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J58K fine integer electric spiral pressure machine exports in China

The electric spiral pressure machine has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation, and small maintenance workload. It is a new type of energy -saving and environmentally friendly pressure machine.

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Features of electric spiral pressure machine
1. The energy control is accurate, and the number of itinerary is high: the forging shape is mainly used for hot mold forging, and the pressure type is mainly used for the cold forging, pressure, correction, curved, pressing, etc. of forging materials such as tableware, tools, shears, cuts, and clamps. Pressure.
2. The structure is simple, compact, short transmission chain, convenient operation and maintenance, small maintenance workload, saving labor and maintenance costs, and safe operation.
3. You can adjust the strike power and strike energy according to the forging process, high accuracy of forging, small mold stress, and long mold life.
4. Adopt advanced electric motor -driven electrical control technology. When the pressure machine works, it will not impact and affect the normal operation of other devices.
5. Compared with the friction spiral pressure machine, there is no intermediate transmission device such as friction disk, horizontal axis and other intermediate transmission devices and friction bands.
6. There is no fixed dead point, no need to adjust the height of the mold, and there will be no stuffy car.



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