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(Y13)hydraulic forging press for sale in australia

Forging presses are varied across application, type, and even manufacturer. Understanding key considerations when deciding on a new forging press can help narrow the list of potential machines fit for your job.

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A forging press (sometimes simply called a press) is a machine that uses vertical rams to gradually apply large forces onto a die. A forging press is not like a power forging hammer that repetitively strikes an exposed piece — a forging press slowly molds a piece of metal and creates uniform plastic deformation across the material.  The dies (or negative molds of the intended part being forged, typically made of polished steels/durable metal composites) can be partially open (i.e., open dies) or can completely encapsulate the part (i.e., closed dies).

Hydraulic Forging Press – Hydraulic pressure is used to transfer large forces onto the workpiece. Though they tend to operate slower than other types, hydraulic presses have longer contact with the workpiece and are good for cold forging and open-die forging.

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