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CNC Hydraulic Forging Hammer Manufacturer Equipment Export Price in China

CNC hydraulic die forging hammer is a hydraulic double-acting programmable forging hammer with HO-U structure. It has the characteristics of low-carbon production, low vibration and high-efficiency production. It can cooperate with robots to create automatic forging lines.

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CNC forging hammer features:
The unique blowing valve system makes the repeatability of blowing energy extremely high;
Precise energy control. The quality of forgings is stable, and the deviation is less than or equal to ±1.5%.
Forging realizes “NC” programming, the numerical control system can be networked, and remote control can be realized;
U-shaped body + X-shaped guide rails make the forgings extremely precise and multi-cavity forging;
High strike frequency and higher production efficiency;
The hammer head can be slowly raised and lowered at any time, making it easier, faster and safer to change or adjust the mold;
The short-stroke strike function, vibration mode function, and anti-misoperation safety module are the unique technologies of the company;
can be automated;
Unique advantages: precise energy control, high precision forgings, low vibration, automation.
Can be an automatic production line.



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