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C41 Series Large Pneumatic Forging Hammer Manufacturer in India

Power pneumatic forging hammer is a self-contained pneumatic power hammer. The design is based on the tried and true design of old European pneumatic hammers, many of which are still in use today. With a self-contained power hammer, you don’t need an external air supply or high pressure hose.

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Pneumatic forging hammer features:
1. Unlike the steam hammer or air hammer supplied by the auxiliary compressor, the pneumatic forging hammer has an independent cylinder and does not require an auxiliary power lifting device.
2. The pneumatic forging hammer is equipped with a self-priming lubricating oil pump, which can realize automatic lubrication during operation.
3. Easy to operate, through the joystick or foot pedal, all operating functions can be obtained as needed – idle, overhead, down, single blow, light blow or full range of blow.



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