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China Industrial Power Forging Hammer Manufacturers & Suppliers

Power Forging Hammer (Pneumatic Forging Hammers) from 150kg to 2000kg is widely used in industrial open die forging. The C41 series pneumatic hammer is widely used for drawing out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forging welding, bending, and twisting. With bolster dies, it is also used for open-type close forging.

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The Anyang Pneumatic Forging Hammer has the following features:

With its self-contained cylinder, the Pneumatic forging hammer requires no ancillary power raising plant, unlike steam or air hammers.
With a self-priming lubricating oil pump, the pneumatic forging hammer can automatically lubricate itself during operation.
A single blow, a light blow, or a full series of blows can be obtained by manipulating the hand lever or foot pedal.



We can provide 9-2000kg Power Hammers. 

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