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Anyang forging equipment blacksmith hammer air hammer

People call blacksmithing one of the hardest techniques. However, each product of this purely manual exercise is made through thousands of trials. The product has high density and is very durable. Sometimes the surface is smooth like a mirror. The industry of iron fighting is withdrawing from the stage of history, and blacksmiths have also been replaced by machines. The air hammer is one of such machines. It expresses the spirit of iron fighting and can stand the test of hard work.

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Blacksmith air hammer is a kind of forging equipment, which has the functions of shearing, punching, forging and so on. Continuously hitting the red-burning metal after preheating makes the workers move and turn the workpiece continuously, so that the workpiece can be freely deformed in all directions. The final air hammer has the advantages of small size and flexible operation, and is widely used in various forgings.

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