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Mobile Forging Manipulator For Sale USA

Mobile Forging Manipulators are mainly used for loading and charging working pieces, as well as for transporting them. The mobile loading and charging manipulator can charge working pieces from the ground, load them into the furnace, and charge them from the furnace to the forging hammer, forging press, ring rolling machine, etc. Also used for transporting working pieces. Also being used for simple assistance operations for saddle forging, changing forging dies, and picking up the head materials. The Mobile Forging Manipulator pictured was made for a US customer.

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Mobile Forging Manipulators features:
High performance and efficient forging process.
There will be a significant reduction in operational costs.
Precision will be achieved with rapid movements.
Forging quality and production capacity can be improved significantly.


We can also supply other types of  Forging Manipulators.

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