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Hydraulic riveting machine

The riveting machine has been widely used in industrial production at present. It is also called a riveting machine, spin riveting machine, riveting machine, riveting machine, etc. It is a new type of pressure riveting developed based on the principle of cold rolling Forming equipment.

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Riveting range:


Radial riveting machine: Radial riveting has a wide range of applications. In addition to the field that can be processed by the swing-type riveting machine, it can also riveting semi-closed riveting parts, such as rivets in the lock housing; static pressure stop type riveting parts; for example, Cardan joints; riveting parts with a relatively large length, such as car wipers. Especially for the inner and outer flanged riveting parts, the workability is excellent. Plastic and ceramic materials can also be riveted.


Oscillating riveting machine (spin riveting machine, riveting machine): suitable for the processing of riveting parts with general requirements, and it is easy to bend for rivets with relatively large long diameters.


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