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Anyang Forging Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Riveting machines are used to automatically set (extrude) rivets in order to join materials together. Compared to manual riveting, riveting machines offer greater consistency, productivity and lower costs.

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Anyang forging hydraulic riveting machine adopts full hydraulic transmission and control, and the output pressure of the machine is large, which can realize direct cold riveting and improve the riveting quality. Therefore, compared with the traditional pneumatic riveting, it has the advantages of good working environment, no noise, flexible and light operation, low labor intensity, fast riveting speed and good riveting quality.
The main purpose of hydraulic riveting machine
Riveting of frames (frames) and brake shoes of heavy vehicles, buses, light vehicles, agricultural vehicles, etc.
Side frame riveting, mandrel riveting, plate seat riveting, impact seat riveting and riveting of side pillars and side beams in railway vehicles.
Assembly riveting of bridge steel structures.
Fastening riveting of blower blades.
The riveting of the minecart.
Riveting of aviation (aircraft) and minecart chassis.

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