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cold forming custom riveting machine manufacturer in china

The riveting machine is a new type of riveting equipment developed based on the principle of cold rolling. It is mainly used in the occasions where rivets are required.

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Scope of application of hydraulic riveting machine
1. Materials that can be riveted: In addition to riveting low carbon steel rivets, medium carbon steel and stainless steel rivets can also be riveted. Of course, copper and aluminum rivets are included in the riveting range;
2. Riveting shape: as long as the shape of the riveting head is changed, it can be riveted into various shapes. In addition, the radial riveting machine can also be used for embossing, embossing and marking;
3. The radial riveting machine can also realize riveting on glass, plastic and ceramics;
4. Applicable industries: The cold rolling riveting method can be widely used in precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, architectural hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware tools, automobile, motorcycle accessories and many other industries.



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