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Servo Hydraulic Riveting Machine Manufacturer Machines For Sale

Anyang Forging Company realizes energy saving, consumption reduction, green forging and clean production through the servo transformation and upgrading of traditional riveting machines, which can improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve efficiency for enterprises.

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Innovative features of servo hydraulic riveting machine:
1. Servo integrated machine technology: Compared with asynchronous motors, the volume is reduced by 30% under the same power. Compared with the traditional synchronous servo, the system adopts an integrated solution, which is small in size and effectively saves space.
2. Energy-saving system: The servo system adopts full closed-loop control. According to the pressure and flow required by the actual requirements of the riveting machine, the pump control technology is used instead of the valve control technology, which eliminates the throttling loss and achieves the effect of energy saving.
3. Digital control system: data communication with PLC through man-machine interface, different riveting can be realized by setting different process parameters, truly realizing multi-purpose of one machine.

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