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C41 series blacksmith hammer of Anyang forging

The air hammer drilling method refers to applying pressure to the drilling tool and rotating at the same time with the air hammer connected to the drill bit,
Apply high-frequency impact energy to the bit to carry out percussive rotary drilling at the bottom of the hole. This method is more efficient than general rotary drilling
High, less accidents in the hole and low engineering cost.

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The air hammer is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission mechanism, a compression cylinder and a working cylinder, a compression piston, a drop mechanism, a gas distribution mechanism and an anvil block.
The frame is the main body of the air hammer. There are motors, transmissions, working mechanisms and operating mechanisms installed on the frame, which are compactly combined into a whole on the frame.
Transmission organization
The transmission structure includes a reducer, a crankshaft, and a connecting rod system. It converts the rotary motion of the motor into the up and down reciprocating motion of the compression piston.
Compression and work cylinders
The upper and lower parts of the compression cylinder and the working cylinder are communicated with the upper and lower swivel valves, and through the up and down movement of the compression piston, the compression air drives the working piston to move up and down.

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