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C41-25 Air Hammer of Anyang Forging Press

C41 series air hammers are suitable for all kinds of free forging, such as stretching, upsetting, punching, shearing, forging welding, torsion, bending, etc. All kinds of open die forging can be performed by using the tire membrane.

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Anyang Forging Press is a professional manufacturer of air hammers. The range of air hammers produced includes 9KG, 15KG, 25KG, 40KG, 55KG, 75KG, 110KG, 150KG, 250KG, 400KG, 560KG, 750KG, 1000KG, 2000KG. According to the size of the air hammer And uses are divided into large air hammer (mainly used for industrial forging) and small air hammer (mainly used for iron forging). It has its own air compression mechanism, which can be started only when the power is turned on, and no other equipment is required.

The structure of the large air hammer and the functions of each part:The large air hammer is mainly composed of the body, transmission mechanism, compression cylinder and working cylinder, compression piston, falling part, air distribution mechanism and anvil.

body. The fuselage is the main body of the air hammer. On the fuselage, the transmission device, the working mechanism and the operating mechanism are installed. These mechanisms are compactly combined into a whole on the frame.
transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a pulley, a gear box, a crankshaft, and a connecting rod system. It converts the rotary motion of the motor into the up and down reciprocating motion of the compression piston.
Compression and working cylinders. The upper and lower parts of the compression cylinder and the working cylinder are communicated with the upper and lower rotary valves, and the upward and downward movement of the compression piston generates compressed air to drive the working piston to move up and down.
drop part. The falling part is composed of working piston, hammer rod and upper anvil. The hammer rod and the working piston are a whole. In order to make the weight meet the technical specifications, it needs to be made into a hollow part. The connection between the hammer rod and the hammer head is made of dovetail groove and wedge iron. connect.
Air Supply. The air distribution mechanism is composed of upper valve, lower valve, operating handle or pedal lever and other departments, and the realization of various actions is controlled by the air distribution mechanism.
Anvil. An anvil pad and a lower anvil block are installed on the anvil. In order to meet the stability of forging, the quality of the anvil is 12-15 times the quality of the falling part. Can eliminate the vibration generated when hammering.

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