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Anyang Forging C41 Series Blacksmith Air Hammer

Anyang forging equipment C41 blacksmith air hammer is suitable for free forging of various shapes of parts in the forging workshop. Such as extension, thickening, hot shearing, forging, twisting and bending. Various die forgings can be performed by using the open pad die. It is widely used in hardware tools, medical equipment, gold and silver processing, manufacturing, agricultural machinery and copper pipe factories and other industries.

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​The AnyangForging C41 Series Blacksmith Air Hammer  are engineered to run for decades in harsh factory environments. The frames are cast iron, like the old Nazel, Buche, and Massey hammers. Cast iron is more expensive to manufacture compared to fabricated hammers but they are heavier, do not flex over time.
The internal parts are forged steel and precision machined. There are no internal rubber air hoses to deteriorate over time. The drive belts are external to the machine for easy adjustment and away from harmful oil.

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