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Y83 Series Metal Briquetting Machine of Anyang Forging Press

Y83 Series Metal Briquetting Machine of Anyang Forging Press can press various granular and powdered cast iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum, etc. into high-density briquette without adding any additives, which can be directly put into the furnace for smelting , which greatly reduces the oxidation rate of chips and can improve the melting efficiency of the furnace.

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1000 tons of metal chip briquetting machine products developed by Anyang Forging Press

The metal chip briquetting machine can compress various particles and powdered metal chips such as cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc. into high-density briquette without adding any additives. Anyang forging and briquetting machine has its own unique design advantages:

The metal briquetting machine is fully hydraulically controlled, and the main control part of the electrical appliance adopts PLC control. The entire working process can realize automatic operation, reducing labor intensity and labor.
The system is equipped with manual work procedures, which is convenient for the adjustment of forward, backward, mold opening and mold closing.
The equipment is equipped with one-time and two-time feeding procedures, which is convenient for pressing metal chips of different shapes and sizes respectively.
Automatic feeding and discharging devices can be added according to customer requirements
The hydraulic system adopts a two-way cartridge valve, which has the advantages of good sealing, good opening and closing characteristics, and pollution resistance.
A special unloading circuit and a hydraulic-electric switch protection circuit are set up in the hydraulic system to make the machine run smoothly and improve the service life of the hydraulic components.
Using jog, automatic and secondary feeding technology in electrical control, the operation mode and feeding length can be easily adjusted to obtain pressing blocks of different materials and sizes.
The micro-moving hopper method is adopted on the pressing device, which solves the problem of difficult feeding and discharging, and also reduces the wear of the discharging baffle.
The hydraulic cylinder adopts a composite cylinder composed of a main pressure cylinder and a fast-forward cylinder in series, which improves the running speed, reduces the energy consumption of the motor, and improves the production efficiency.
The machine is controlled by PLC,
The metal blocks pressed by this machine have the advantages of large diameter, high density, not easy to break, good surface finish, and not easy to oxidize.
The machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can recover the cutting fluid in the metal chips and prevent oil leakage and pollution.

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