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Y83-1000 Metal briquetting machine manufacturer equipment for sale in China

The metal scrap briquetting machine is mainly used to directly cold-press metal raw materials such as cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, and high-quality mineral powders into 3-6 kg cones or other shaped cakes through high pressure, so as to facilitate storage. Transportation and reduce the loss of transportation and smelting in the process of recycling and reuse.

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Anyang metal chips briquette machine design advantages:
Hydraulic system adopts two-way cartridge valve, with the good sealing performance, well open and close characteristics, pollution resistance, etc advantages.
A special unloading loop and the liquid electrical switch protection circuit are arranged in the hydraulic system, to make the machine run smoothly, but also improve the service life of hydraulic components.
The hydraulic cylinder adopts the main pressure cylinder and fasts forward cylinder connected to form the composite cylinder, improving the operating speed, reducing the energy consumption of the motor, but also improving the production efficiency.
The machine pressed metal block has a large diameter, high density, not easily broken, good surface finish, not easy oxidation, etc advantages.



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