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Sheet Metal Briquetting Machine Manufacturers in India

Metal scrap briquetting press machines can compact the different kinds of chips like cast iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum, etc metal scrap chips into high-density blocks without any additive.

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Metal Chip Briquette Press can compress all kinds of cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, mild steel etc metal chips to high density metal blocks. Metal Chip Briquette Press is specially desired for metal chips recycling. And Metal Chip Briquette Press also allows for the reclamation of valuble coolant, reduces floor space storage requirements, handing and transportation costs.

Features of Metal chip briquette press:

1. Hydraulic drive, manual or PLC control.

2. Bale-discharging: turn-out, push-out, forward-out, manual discharging.

3. Options for different force, press box size, bale shape & size.

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