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Hydraulic free forging hammer manufacturer for sale in Russia

fully hydraulic open die forging hammer is fully hydraulic drive open die forging hammer, there single arm type, arch type and bridge type etc structure type. The system principle is the below chamber of hammer rod piston connect the high pressure oil all the time,realize hit through control the upper and below oil pressure of piston of piston.It’s used for open die forging.

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Full hydraulic free forging hammer features:
1. Single lever operation can realize deceleration, deceleration, strike, return, quick return, arbitrary
Position stop, continuous strikes with different strokes and frequencies, easy to operate;
2. When the plunger moves, the hydraulic cylinder has no inertial hollow, and the action is coherent;
3. Both the fast oil-in mouse and the fast oil-out mouse adopt servo control, which avoids the need for
Hydraulic pneumatic hammer and other malfunctions, safe;
4. The main valve has the characteristics of sliding valve movement and conical valve sealing, which improves the
The control and tightness of the valve mouse opening and closing can reduce the internal leakage of the system;
5. The system is designed with overpressure and loss of pressure protection. When the main oil pipe or piston rod is broken, the system will close the main oil passage and immediately shut down the main motor to improve system safety.

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