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hydraulic forging hammer manufacturers sell in india

Electro-hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer is specially desired for general forging works, which is widely accepted in modern open die forging plants, suitable for producing various open die forgings.

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Compared with other steam hammers, the most important advantage of hydraulic free forging hammers is energy saving. The hammer body adopts “X” type guide rail, which improves the guiding precision and improves the precision of the hammer rod and the workpiece. Hydraulic free forging hammers have many advantages:

1. Energy saving and environmental protection.

2. High-speed and high-efficiency blow molding improves production efficiency.

3. “X” type guide rail ensures strong anti-eccentric load capacity.

4. The guide rail is automatically lubricated.

5. PLC control, start immediately, and immediately apply to forging production.

6. The hand lever is safe and convenient to operate.

7. Hydraulic oil is efficiently cooled to ensure 8 hours of uninterrupted production.

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