CNC die forging hammer

Full hydraulic die forging will have the advantages of sufficient energy, fast frequency, no boring mold, low failure rate, and can realize hanging hammer at any position. It is suitable for producing various types of die forgings.

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The full-hydraulic electro-hydraulic hammer is driven by a motor to drive a high-pressure oil pump to provide high-pressure oil to drive the movement of the hammer head. Work.
The primary energy utilization rate of the steam-air forging hammer is less than 2%, and some are even as low as 0.2%, while the primary energy utilization rate of the full hydraulic electro-hydraulic power head can reach 20%. Through the transformation of the full hydraulic power head, the air with low energy efficiency is eliminated. The power system restores the running accuracy of the equipment, so the energy saving rate can reach more than 90%, which improves the forging capacity of the equipment, greatly reduces the energy consumption and reduces the production cost.If you are interested in it, pls contact me. Luca WhatsApp/WeChat: +86-16692292860


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