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Fully Hydraulic Closed Die Forging Hammer (C86Y)

Full hydraulic die forging hammer refers to a die forging hammer whose strike and return stroke of the hammer head are hydraulically driven. The principle of the system is that the lower chamber of the hammer rod piston is usually connected with high-pressure oil, and the strike and return stroke are realized by controlling the oil pressure of the upper chamber of the piston. It has the advantages of sufficient energy, fast frequency, no boring mode, low failure rate, and can realize hanging hammer at any position. It is suitable for producing various types of die forgings.

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Technical characteristics

  • Highly integrated fully hydraulic control system, low carbon, no leakage, more reliable.
  • Large flow hitting valve [patent design], sensitive response, high frequency.
  • Built-in secondary hydraulic cushion device[ patent design], realized flexible upper limit, no top hitting.
  • Tup return fast, die contact time is short and will return at once, die life is longer.
  • ‘X’ type guide rail, it can do multi-cavity forging, high forging precision ,long hammer rod life.
  • Automatic emergency anti hammer rod breaking cover, anti oil leak protection and safety.
  • Multilevel security protection hydraulic device, system stability, high safety.
  • Lead control operate valve, reliable control, operating force is small, low labor intensity.
  • Traditional hand operated model, the original operator can operate the hammer easily.
  • The full hydraulic power drive system avoids the mutual exchange of oil and gas, and greatly improves the life of the hammer rod piston seal;
  • Unique advantage: high cost performance, suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch die forgings.
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