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Anyang Forging Press Forging Machine Manufacture

Anyang Forging has developed a small air hammer 9-110kg and 25-50 ton hydraulic press for the majority of iron lovers, as well as special hammer head molds for everyone to buy

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Anyang Forging Press has been producing forging equipment since 1956. The specifications of presses range from 800 tons to 8000 tons, which are used by many automobile and industrial forging companies all over the world. In 2017, we decided to use Anyang Forging’s press manufacturing knowledge and processing capabilities to manufacture a series of small presses for blacksmiths, knifesmiths and small industrial sectors. Sizes range from 25 ton, 50 ton, 75 ton and 100 ton models.

Anyang forging small hydraulic press is specially designed for blacksmith shop and small free forging process. It has the characteristics of small size, convenient movement, less oil consumption, high forging efficiency and low noise. The specific advantages are as follows:

high speed
Low forging noise
Closed hydraulic system, steel hydraulic lines, no rubber hoses to rupture or catch fire. Safer forging
The upper and lower platforms use “T” slotting. Easier to build specialized tools
Timer reduces travel time to faster, more efficient forging
Stroke length 30mm
Channels at the edges allow straightening of billets.
Industrial Design Foot Pedal
Heavy-duty, high-strength industrial design


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