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The price for Blacksmith Air Hammer/power hammer in China

Anyang blacksmith electric hammer (C41-9, C41-15, C41-25, C41-40, C41-55, C41-75, C41-110), easy to install. Work handling tools for forging operations Forge hunting knives, scissors, general work tools, farm implements and wrought iron parts for doors and fences.

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Anyang electric hammer features:
Anyang Power Forging Hammers do not require an external air compressor. It will compress the air inside with a flywheel driven by a motor.
The cast iron frame will never bend or warp. Comparing the weight of different hammers, you will find that Anyang Power Hammer is the heaviest. Cast iron is much more expensive to manufacture but allows designers to put quality and strength where it is needed.
Lifetime frame warranty, one year warranty for wearing parts and one year warranty for electrical components.
External drive belt. The design keeps the belt dry and away from oil. This eliminates belt slippage and extends belt life. Replacing belts is quick and easy.
The air holes are cast into the hammer. This eliminates internal rubber hoses and fittings.
Minimalist design. There are only 3 basic parts (crankcase, compressor piston, plunger). The hammer can be disassembled and rebuilt in a day or less if needed.



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