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Small -sized hammer price for knifemakers is sold in Russia

The air hammer is suitable for various free forging: such as forging, extension, coarse, punching, shearing, forging welding, twisting, bending, etc. You can use the pads to perform various opening mold forging. Widely used in small steel pipes, buildings, hardware, power appliances, railways and other industries.

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Features of Anyang Electric Hammer:
Anyang power forging hammer does not require an external air compressor. It will use motor flywheel to compress the internal air.
The cast iron framework will never bend or warp. Comparing the weight of different hammers, you will find that Anyang’s power hammer is the heaviest. The manufacturing cost of cast iron is much higher, but the designer is allowed to put quality and intensity at the place where it is needed.
Life framework warranty, easy -to -wear parts warranty for one year, electrical component warranty for one year.
External transmission belt. This design keeps the belt dry and away from oil. This eliminates the belt to slip and extend the life of the belt. Changing the belt is fast and simple.
The pores are cast into the hammer. This eliminates the internal rubber hose and accessories.
Low maintenance. Anyang power hammer automatic and full -adjustable oil system. Two oily mouths are easy to get enough. The large cone roller bearings in the crankshaft box can ensure a longer -failed service life.



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