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Ring Rolling Machine used for rolling flanges in Indonesia

Vertical ring rolling (reaming) machine is a special equipment for ring blank hot rolling and reaming process. The equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation, small size, light weight, strong rigidity, sensitive and reliable operation, etc. It is an essential equipment in the axle industry.

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Main technical features of vertical ring rolling mill:
The main machine is equipped with a loading and unloading manipulator to realize automatic loading and unloading;
The control system adopts the “PLC+touch screen” control mode, which can carry out remote fault monitoring;
The rolling process realizes “three-roll rolling”, and the end of rolling realizes “three-roll rounding”;
Axial rolling can not only lift up and down quickly, but also intelligently detect the starting point of axial rolling according to the height of the blank, and can be associated with the radial rolling curve;
The detection signal roller can not only detect the whole process of ring expansion, but also can be linked with the radial rolling and thrust alignment process.



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