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Metal scrap baling press machine price in China

The integrated horizontal metal baler is mainly suitable for steel recovering and processing industries, ferrous and non-ferrous smelt industries. It can compress every kinds of metal leftover materials, steel paring, waste copper and waste aluminum into qualified charging such as square, cylinder, octagon body and other sharps. The purpose is reduce the costs of transportation and smelting.

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The baling press adopts the electro-hydraulic drive, it includes manual and automatic control. the operation is convenient, performance is reliable. The baled block call be pushed out from the side, the baled block can be transported directly.

Superiority of the integrated horizontal metal baler
1) Hydraulic drive, compact design, great sealing.
2) Customized press box size and bale size.
3) Bale dischargeing ways include turn-out, side-push out and forward-out.
4) Designed with quick unit that can improve work efficiency substantially.

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