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China Y81 Series Scrap Metal Recycling Baler Machine

Y8I series hydraulic metal baling press is mainly used in compressing tile scattered plastic ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal plates and wire rods to certain form blocks under cold state. It is very convenient Io the transportation and smelting.

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Y81 series scrap metal baler is applied to process all kinds of scrap metal into rectangle, octagon, cylindrical shape bale, making these scrap qualified for furnace melting requirements, saving both the transportation and melting costs, increasing the melting speed and rate. Y81 series baler can process metal leftover, shavings, chips, scrap steel, aluminum, stainless steel, scrap cars and so on, Y81 series baler is ideal packing machine for steel industry, recycling industry and melting industry for both ferrous and non ferrous metal.


1, Stable and efficient hydraulic driving system, manual handle or PLC full automatic operation optional

2, various bale ejection methods optional, turning over, side pushing out, front pushing out, manual discharging etc.

3, various models for the custom needs: different press forces, box sizes, bale shapes

4, both electrical power and diesel engine power available

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