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Die Forging Equipment Electro-Hydraulic Hammer Manufacturer in Iran

Die forging equipment Electro-hydraulic die forging hammer is driven by hydraulic oil and does not contain nitrogen. It is mainly used in automobile forgings, tractor forgings, agricultural equipment forgings, oil and gas industry die forgings, power station die forgings and other closed die forgings.

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Hydraulic closed die forging hammer Technical features
Highly integrated full hydraulic control system, low carbon, no leakage, more reliable.
Large flow impact valve [patented design], sensitive response, high frequency.
Built-in secondary hydraulic buffer device [patented design] to achieve flexible upper limit without topping.
Fast return of Tup, short mold contact time, immediate return, longer mold life.
The ‘X’ type guide rail can be forged with multiple cavities, with high forging accuracy and long life of the hammer rod.
Automatic emergency anti-hammer rod broken cover, oil leakage protection, safety.
Multi-level safety protection hydraulic device, stable system and high safety.
Lead-controlled operation valve, reliable control, small operating force, low labor intensity.
Traditional manual mode, the original operator can easily operate the hammer.
The full hydraulic power drive system avoids the mutual exchange of oil and gas, and greatly improves the service life of the hammer rod piston seal;
Unique advantage: cost-effective, suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch die forgings.

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