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D51 Series Vertical Flange Roll Forming Machine in India

Ring rolling (also known as ring rolling, ring rolling, reaming, ring rolling) is a plastic processing technology that uses a ring rolling machine (also known as ring rolling machine, ring rolling machine, hinge ring machine) to manufacture plastics. This process is suitable for producing annular mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes, such as bearing rings, ring gears, flanges, wheel hubs, thin-walled cylindrical parts, wind power flanges, high-neck flanges and other seamless annular forgings.

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High-quality iron ring rolling machines are widely used in bearing outer rings, gear blanks, pipe flanges, butt welding flanges in the fields of machinery, automobiles, trains, ships, petrochemicals, aerospace, atomic energy, wind turbines, etc. .It has the advantages of one-time roll forming, high production efficiency, improved blank accuracy, reduced turning allowance, improved steel utilization, improved cutting performance, improved internal quality of forgings, and good economic benefits.

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