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Anyang Forging Press Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (C66Y)

The full hydraulic free forging hammer refers to the free forging hammer whose strike and return stroke of the hammer head are hydraulically driven. It has the advantages of sufficient energy, fast frequency, low failure rate, and can realize the suspension hammer at any position. It is suitable for producing various types of free forgings.

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Features of full hydraulic free forging electro-hydraulic hammer
1. The full hydraulic power drive system avoids the mutual channeling of oil and gas, and the seal life of the hammer rod and piston is greatly improved;
2. The back pressure of the upper cavity is very low during the return trip, there is no boring hammer phenomenon when striking, the return speed and striking frequency are improved, and the production efficiency is high;
3. The unique X-shaped guide rail structure doubles the life of the hammer, from the original “wearable parts” to the current “longevity parts”;
4. The blow valve adopts the principle of differential servo, the operating system is highly flexible, and light and heavy blows are easy to control;
5. The striking valve adopts an ingenious spool valve + cone valve structure, which makes the system maintain excellent pressure and the oil temperature does not rise;
6. Unique advantages: cost-effective, suitable for free forgings that do not require high strike accuracy, especially for the forging of large and medium-sized free forgings.

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