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(Y81)Metal Scrap Baler Manufacturers in India

Y8I series hydraulic metal baling press is mainly used in compressing tile scattered plastic ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal plates and wire rods to certain form blocks under cold state. It is very convenient Io the transportation and smelting.

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Descriptions :

Y81 series hydraulic metal balers press the leftover of all kinds of metal material (steel shavings ,scrap steel, scrap aluminum ,scrap copper ,scrap stainless steel ) to be qualified furnace in the shape of cuboid ,octagon ,cylinder and so on ,which not only decreases the freight and smelting costs ,but also increase the speed of casting .This machine is mainly applicable to steel mills ,recycling industries and ferrous metallurgical works .

Features :

All machines are hydraulic-driven with alternatives of manual or automatic control .

Bale-discharging alternative : turn-out , push-out , forward or manual discharging .

No fang bolts needed for installation ; diesel engine can be used as power when electric power is unavailable .

There are ten grades of baling force from 63 to 400 tons .

The size of baler can be custom made as per customers .

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