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Hot forged steel ball skew mill forging in China

The steel ball rolled by skew rolling mill, also known as abrasive wear-resistant medium, is a kind of consumable. Steel mills, silica sand factories, coal chemical industry and other fields.

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Skew rolling mill production line used to produce steel balls or steel forging. The angle between the two rolls of the skew rolling mill is generally 2 ° -6 °. The roll has a spiral hole pattern. When the two rolls are rotated in the same direction, the round billet rotates reversely with the roll between the rolls and advances through the spiral hole Round bar rolled into the desired shape. Then after the heat treatment process to meet the requirements of grinding steel ball.

Steel ball skew rolling principle:

The work principle of helical hole type cross rolling is shown in the figure. Two axes with helical hole cross each other. The rollers rotate in the same direction to rotate and advance the circular piece, under the action of forming rotary parts blanks. Skew rolling deformation is mainly axial compression of the axial extension.

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